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When you choose to partner with BRM, you further the work of sharing the gospel with the lost and equipping the body to better grow in their relationship with Christ. Brian Rogers Ministries is committed to the call of sharing the practical truth of God's Word. Currently Brian Rogers Ministries has outreaches through a weekday radio broadcast (Time Out), weekly regional & national television broadcast (Message of Hope), online ministry, and special evangelistic outreaches at area churches and community gatherings.
Listed Below You Will Find Reasons Why You Can Give To Brian Rogers Ministries With Trust And Confidence.
“The integrity of the upright guides them.” Proverbs 11:3 (NIV)
  • We believe God has given to His people an incredible blessing and opportunity to partner with a ministry through their financial giving. It is through their financial faithfulness that opens the door of increase in their life. THEREFORE, we will make known our needs in an honest and appropriate manner in accordance to Biblical principles.
  • We believe tithing is the responsibility of the believer to give and to support their local church. THEREFORE, we at Brian Rogers Ministries encourage you to first support your local church with the tithe and all other offerings to be given as the Lord instructs.
  • We believe that we are accountable to God and to our partners for the use of the resources that are given. THEREFORE, we will use the resources that God provides with Biblical standards, respect, honesty, wisdom, and faithful stewardship for the advancement of His Kingdom.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to stay committed to the purpose God has called us to accomplish. THEREFORE, donations received will be used to fund radio, television, literature, church media, and other evangelistic outreaches.
  • We believe ministry materials should encourage and strengthen the walk of a believer. THEREFORE, we will only recommend resources we believe will benefit a Christian's walk.
  • We believe we have a responsibility to provide Biblical resources to help those who are struggling in their Christian faith. THEREFORE, we will make available resources that will enable an individual to find assistance with the problems they face daily in their lives.
  • We believe it is important to live and maintain a life of integrity and to be a faithful Christian witness before people, our government, and before God. THEREFORE, this ministry will provide receipts for all charitable gifts given for tax purposes in accordance with the government's guidelines and regulations.